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California’s Tectonic Slime Trail

Derek, Edwardo, Hudds, and The Beard welcome Edwardo's brother in law Jazak to the show. Executing a successful first remote show. The guys talk coronavirus, and the asshats play with all the new streaming features. Derek shares his travails of work from home. Rick shows off Jerry the Jakalope. We also discuss the podcast episode of NPR's "The Hidden Brain" covering the spread of the coronavirus and the parallels to the 1918 Spanish Flu. We look at live footage of Times Square in New York. Also, Trump to pardon Rudy's Sean Astin. 2020 Iliza Schlesinger is the 2008 appropriately rated Dane Cook as long as you realize that's not necessarily a good thing. We also discuss what we're going to do with our stimulus checks.

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Memory’s Murky Lane

Derek, Edwardo, Hudds, and The Beard welcome Ron to the show. We talk Harvey Weinstein's prison sentence and have a pretty serious discussion as five privileged white men about what constitutes rape. Derek talks to Ron about his life's failed endeavors and Edwardo talks to Ron about the fan art he created for Basement Boyz Podcast that ran from 2008-2011 and we travel down memory lane. 

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Human Guides 13: Work (The Search)

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Hurry up and clock in! Human Guides begins its discussion on work, labor, and the true meaning of misery. Karens everywhere beware. As always your totally human host, Peter can be reached at totallyhumanwepromise@gmail.com.

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